Get to Know

Our Mini Cattle

Why mini cattle?

  • More Docile

  • Unique

  • Investment Opportunity

  • People will Ask Questions

  • Attention Getter

  • Ownership Prestige

  • Fun

  • A Pet

  • Because They Are Small

  • Easier To Handle

  • Less Manure

  • Tender Meat

  • Mini Milker

  • Easier On The Pasture And Fences

  • Lawn Mower

  • One Steer Fits In The Freezer

  • Great for Kids

The Girls

These unique cattle breeds are all 42" or less at maturity to be classified as full miniature, over 42" up to 48" are classified as midsize miniature.

The Boys


Mininiature HighPark bull with a percentage of Jersey


Whiskey was born in 2020. He will grow to about 38" tall, making him a micro mini. Super docile, gentle, stout, and so handsome. He is Chondro positive, has the A2/A2 gene (if looking to milk your cows) and polled. Pics of then and now!


Miniature Galloway cow


Alana is a 2018 purebred registered Galloway. She is the sweetest girl around, naturally polled, always looking to get brushed and ready to give you a smooch! At 43"tall she is a mid sized miniature. Did I mention soft fluffy hair!


Miniature Galloway cow


Skye is a 2017 purebred registered Galloway. She has a great disposition, naturally polled and the first one at the dinner table when is time to eat! At 46"tall she is a mid sized miniature. Did I mention she also has soft fluffy hair!


Miniature White Park and Miniature Highland

We also use AI

We use semen from RCM King George (Mini White Park), and Two Cow Land and Livestock Koda (Mini Highland).



Miniature Panda cow

Bless is a 2018 Panda. She is 42" tall, fluffy hair and naturally polled.  Always ready to eat out of your hand. 



Micro Miniature Panda cow with a percentage of Kentshire / Dexter

Gypsy was born in 2019. She is naturally polled and the smallest of the herd at 33", making her a micro mini. She is the most vocal of the girls, specially when waiting for treats.


Miniature Galloway cow


Chloe is a 2018 purebred registered Galloway. Naturally polled and has a beautiful red coat! At 44"tall she is a mid sized miniature. Did I mention she also has soft fluffy hair!


Miniature Highland cow


Lagertha is a 2016 purebred Highland. She is 42" tall and has a beautiful dun coat! She is super stout and a excelent example of the breed standard. Did I mention she also has soft fluffy hair!