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Terra Bella Mini Farm

Our Farm

Raising Mini Cattle Responsibly 

Our main bull Whiskey!

-We are a family-owned small farm specializing in mini cattle (Registered Panda’s, Galloway’s, White Park, and Highland crosses and purebred) and other mini farm animals. We are located in Lithia, Florida, just outside of Tampa, where we coexist with the local fauna (sometimes gators; see pic below) and flora.

-We have spent years to make this dream come through by selecting only the highest quality of miniature cattle (also small and fluffy     ). We have been using AI on our heifers' for the past couple of years until we could find the perfect herd sire. We wanted a Chondro positive mini bull, polled, well balanced with great confirmation, and either a White Park or a Highpark with an easy going gentle disposition. Four years later we found Whiskey with his shaggy hair coat! We are also working on selling AI straws from Whiskey. He is a Highpark bull that carries the Chondro gene, A2/A2 gene (if looking to milk your cows) and polled.

-Our farm although small, shows that with good management these mini moos’ can be kept, enjoyed, and thrive.  

Our Story

-This farm is a dream come true. After 22 years of service as a special operations soldier, the minis’ have allowed me to continue to engage mind, body, and passion into something Tanya and I (Tony) love.

-In 2016 we started to clear some land after pine beetles destroyed most of our pine trees. We saw the opportunity to make our dream come true, since we had a lot off bare land made of sand. With the help of amazing friends and family in 2016 we started to clear dead and down trees along with some of the brush that was left. While we used a back hoe and a tractor at some points, most of the work was done by hand with axes, chainsaws, etc., and a lot of sweat (maybe some tears).

-We worked the soil and added the nutrients necessary to have grass grow in the pastures, while maintaining the remnant of trees and flora that we so much love.

-In 2019 after being on waiting lists (some for over two and a half years), we received our first heifers, and the rest is what we have today. Today we have a working mini farm where we breed and interact with amazing, lovable, and friendly mini cattle.  

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